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Old Bag Lady Books & Ephemera opened January, 1992 with a store in downtown, Holland, MI.  After having another store in St. Augustine, FL and living 10 years in S.W. FL, We relocated to the Tampa area and now sell on-line and at book fairs.    

I currently serve on the Board of Directors of the state's professional organization, FABA (FL Antiquarian Booksellers' Assoc).  Please introduce yourself at the annual FABA Book Fair held annually the second w/e in March at the St. Petersburg, FL Coliseum.

We pride ourselves on describing professionally and shipping securely.  Feel confident in ordering from us and comfortable asking any questions you have prior to placing an order.  We have the book on-site and describe that particular book - not some phantom book.
We have a nice selection of books in Black Studies.  In particular, we focus on multi-racial marriages and families 'pre 1970s, (auto) biographies, illustrated and what is today called, racially insensitive books written in U.S. with "slang".  It is our American history, no matter what color or state of origin of our personal history.

Children's Books are also of interest to us, especially illustrated books and those done prior to the 1950s.    L. Frank Baum's books are, of course, classics and I have a number of books about him as well as by him.

Fiction set in other countries, including the middle east; seem to be growing on my shelves, phasing out general fiction.  I love some Florida mystery writers (Randy Wayne White), local self published authors and have a number of Florida fiction books for your reading pleasure.

Non-fiction is really a broad category and includes not only American history but Florida history, Michigan history, genealogy, military history, transportation (ships, trains, automobiles), Native Americans, books – on – books and so many more.

Browse by category or search for a specific author or keyword.  If you have trouble, let me know.  Otherwise, enjoy and welcome to our "store".

Madlyn Blom

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